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Smooth Jazz and Beyond



Bob Coate is a smooth jazz composer and keyboardist originally from Massachusetts but now based in Leesburg, Virginia.   He had a long career in Information Technology, but after retirement his passion for music has led him to pursue a career as a recording artist as well.


Coate is largely self-taught, having little formal music instruction. However, he has always had a variety of musical instruments at hand, and he has used them to experiment and develop his unique sound.


Coate's music is a blend of smooth jazz, chillout, and light funk. He is known for his catchy melodies, infectious rhythms, and warm, inviting sound. His first-ever single "Super Smooth" spent five weeks on the Radiowave Top 100 smooth jazz charts, peaking at number 77.   His music has been featured on dozens of smooth jazz radio stations worldwide, and it has quickly surpassed 180,000 streams on streaming music platforms.


In addition to his solo work, Coate has also collaborated with other artists, including keyboardist/producer Sonix. Their collaboration has been well-received by fans, with “Moving The Groove” currently in its 15th week on the Top 100 smooth jazz charts in Spain.


Bob Coate is passionate about his music, and he is committed to creating music that will uplift and inspire his listeners.


Social Media: @BobCoateMusic


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