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Bob Coate

Smooth Jazz and Beyond

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MARCH 15, 2024:   Release date on Global and all music streaming platforms! 

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"Super Smooth" surpasses 100,000 streams on Spotify!

November 25, 2022


About Bob Coate

Smooth Jazz and Beyond

Artist Info - Bob Coate

"Smooth Jazz and Beyond"

Although a lifetime fan of smooth jazz, Bob Coate had to wait until his 2018 retirement from a long career in Information Technology to start making music himself. Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, Bob's musical hero was legendary trumpeter Herb Alpert, before there was such a thing as Smooth Jazz.

In his late high school and early college years, Bob became a huge fan of Chuck Mangione, as well as of the flugelhorn as a jazz instrument. As jazz fusion developed into smooth jazz, Bob added artists such as SpyroGyra, Fattburger, Rick Braun, Richard Elliot, Najee, and many more to his favorite artists list.

Bob is largely self-taught, having little formal music instruction but always having a variety of musical instruments at hand with which to just relax and experiment. Bob's unique stylings not only embody the best of smooth jazz, but also often bring a fresh new edge. Bob's music has aired on dozens of smooth jazz radio stations worldwide, including London Soul Radio,, and Global, and has quickly surpassed 150,000 streams on the streaming music platforms.

Twitter:  @bobcoatemusic

Instagram: @bobcoatemusic

Facebook: @bobcoatemusic

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